Terms and Conditions Of Renew

Hey there, welcome to The Renew!

Here are the rules for using the Renew website, which you can find at https://us-renew.com/


If you use this website, it means you agree to follow these rules. If you don't agree, please stop using Renew.

Let's explain what some words mean in these rules: "You" means you, the person using the website. "We" or "Us" means our company, Renew.


We use cookies on Renew. When you use our site, you're okay with us using cookies, as explained in our Privacy Policy.

Many websites use cookies to remember things about you. It helps make using our website easier. Some partners we work with may also use cookies.


We own the stuff on Renew, like the articles and pictures. You can only use our stuff for yourself, not for selling or sharing without permission.


Copy stuff from RenewSell or rent stuff from RenewShare stuff from Renew without permissionChange or repost stuff from Renew This agreement starts when you use our website.


You can share your thoughts on some parts of our website. We don't check or edit your comments before they show up. But remember, your comments are your responsibility. The statements made are solely your responsibility and we disclaim any liability.

You promise:

Your comments are yours to shareYour comments don't copy someone else's workYour comments are not mean or hurtfulYour comments are not for selling stuff or doing illegal things

You let us use your comments too. We can share them and edit them if needed.


Some groups can link to our website without asking first:

Government agencies Search engines News organizations Online directories

They can link to our homepage or other parts of our website.

The link should not trick people or pretend we like or support them.

If you want to link to us and you're not in those groups, send us an email. Tell us your name, your group's name, and where you want to link from.

You can't use our logo without permission.


Don't put our website inside a frame on another website without asking first.

Content Responsibility

We're not responsible for what other websites say or do. If a link on your website leads to ours and it's not nice or fair, we can ask you to remove the link.

Your Privacy

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.


We can ask you to remove links to our website. By linking to our site, you agree to follow these rules.

Removing Links

If you find a link to our site that's not good, tell us. We'll check it out but we don't have to respond to you directly.

We can't promise everything on our website is perfect or always up to date.


We try our best, but we can't promise our website is always correct or available. Some things we can't limit or promise, like if something bad happens because of using our site.

If you have questions, ask in English.